The Window Cleaning Business – The Financial Power of Independent Business Operators


If you start out with a small business goal and construct a plan to achieve it, there is a strong likelihood that you will succeed. Those people who start out without a plan and basically make it as time goes by, tend to take a lot longer to succeed in their business and have a harder time increasing revenues.

This is very true in the window cleaning service model. Many people underestimate the earning potential in window cleaning and very soon realize that they are overextended. They become victims of their own success. If you do an above average service for your customers they will tell their friends; when you’re now servicing their friends and doing a great job at it you will get even more business.

For those operators who are unprepared for this kind of business growth, they will tend to slack off in quality of service or begin to show signs of fatigue. Those who have planned for steady growth have already anticipated when they will need extra hands and how they’re going to transition from a single operator to working with subcontractors.

Marketing through circulars, flyers and door hangers

Another area in which it is very easy to overlook the earning power of this business is in marketing through circulars, flyers and door hangers. Someone in the window cleaning business can begin their operation by simply handing out flyers to local residents throughout their town. In many cases the flyer doesn’t even have to be professionally made, it simply needs to offer the benefit of the service at a price that they can accept. If you hand out enough flyers, your phone could start ringing the very same day.

Study the Pros Of Your Business

Those who have taken some time to study with the pros know that this is just the beginning. This is a first step toward building your client base. They are taught specific strategies for growing progressively with the help of their current customers. For many of the successful window cleaning operators, their marketing goal is to generate word-of-mouth through their current clients and their friends. This allows them to maintain a modest but effective marketing budget.

Treating Customers Well If Effective Marketing

The success of the window cleaning business will depend on how well you treat your customers and how effective your marketing will be to reach potential clients. Many successful people have developed complete prospecting, sales and follow-up systems for pitching their products and services. They’ve even developed standards and procedures for the use of coupons and discounts to increase the sales and profits in their business.

Product And Service Mix

As your business grows, you’ll want to take a serious look at your product and service mix. Are you leaving money on the table? Are you regularly communicating with your customers to find out which services you should be offering them? Although this is a very simple business to operate, the growth potential is enormous. To take advantage of what the window cleaning business model has to offer, you need to be aware of what it can do.

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Top Tips for Learning How to Sew


If you have interest in sewing, then you can learn how to sew at any point in time and create your own designs. There are various ways to learn this art. You can choose to join an excellent sewing school or learn it the art online. If you are a beginner, you can start up by sewing something as simple as a trendy pillow for your bed or sofa. Or even a little shrug to cover bare shoulders. Master these simple patterns and slowly challenge yourself to bigger and more complicated pieces.

Ideally, you need to learn certain tricks and tips which can help you to sew.

Below are various sewing ideas that will get you started:

Use an effective sewing machine
If your sewing machine has become too old and it does not work correctly, then it is always better to get rid of it and buy a new one. If you are a beginner, then you should choose the kind of machine that is suitable for the beginners.

Needle selection
Other than choosing a good machine it is also important to pay attention to the type of needle you use. Different types of patterns require different kinds of needles. Whenever you start a new work of sewing, always make sure that you use a new needle.

Purchasing threads
After you are done with the needle it is time to choose the thread. Beware of the bad threads. Bad threads are widely available in the market, and if you are unable to spot the difference between the bad and the good thread, then you might fall into trouble. The use of bad threads in the machine can sometimes damage your machine. This is the reason you need to be very careful. You should always buy your threads from an authentic store.

Sewing patterns
You need to get the best sewing pattern for creating the best design. The sewing patterns are widely available on the internet these days. You just need to choose the right pattern for the right thing. You get patterns for garments, curtains, pillow covers as well as quilts. These days, you can easily download these patterns and take a print out to follow them. You will also find various sewing forums present on the internet where people discuss sewing. You can easily join these forums for more knowledge.

When you have prepared everything check the pattern design and ensure you have all the pieces done, cut with little extra space around the edges for any alterations you may need to do. Ensure you follow instructions in the pattern set or sewing project carefully, and if you are a beginner stick to single projects. You can mix and match and experiment with ideas once you have the hang of it better. Sewing is fun, simple, and easy as you will learn over time.

There is no doubt that taking up sewing will give you a hobby you would never have considered before. You will enjoy this craft so much that you will even want to teach others how to sew clothes. Before you know it, you will know how to sew clothes, and you will be enjoying every aspect of it.

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Grilling Your Frozen Patties to Perfection


There are not many people alive today who do not enjoy the experience of having a perfectly grilled burger enter their mouth. The perfect combination of spices all wrapped up within a succulent piece of meat. Burgers are also the perfect food to have on standby in the freezer, they make the perfect meal in almost any situation and they can satisfy anyone.

From the neighborhood self proclaimed food connoisseur, to the your children’s picky friends, a perfectly grilled burger can hit the spot in almost anyone’s stomach. Ideally you would always be able to have burgers within the fridge, ready to grill, but this is often not the case. If you aren’t sure when you are going to be eating the burgers, you probably store them within the freezer and this means that learning to grill them from frozen is a must. Incorrectly grilling a burger can cause even the best burgers to go from a tasty delight to a disaster for your taste buds. Whether it has been grilled into a charcoal, or under cooked with an icy center, a poorly grilled burger can cause you grief and embarrassment in the presence of company.

Firstly you want to take your burger patties out of the freezer, unwrap them and make sure that they are prepared for grilling. Next you want to preheat your grill on low. While the grill is preheating, you have to undergo, potentially, one of the most difficult parts of grilling frozen patties, and that is separating them. A strong clean butter knife, or even a clean screwdriver are the best tools for this job. Simply insert the edge between the two patties and apply some pressure while making sure that none of your fingers are in the way.

The burgers should separate with ease.

After this, you can commence with the grilling itself. You want to put the burgers onto your grill and make sure that the grill stays between low and medium heat. The burgers will need to be grilled for anywhere between twenty and twenty five minutes. The lower heat and longer grilling time allows the burgers to cook thoroughly, and make sure that they are cooked evenly all the way through. The burgers need to be flipped every five minutes or so to keep them from burning on one side. About half way through you want to generously salt each side to add some extra taste. Finally towards the end of the grilling process you can add your barbecue sauce or cheese if so desired. The cheese should be applied after the last flip to allow it time to melt onto the burger patty.

Grilling burgers from frozen is not a difficult process, but if done incorrectly, it can spell disaster for your meal plans. As long as you follow the steps previously mentioned, you shouldn’t have any problems. Not only will you be complemented on your mastery of the grill, but your taste buds will be able to enjoy the experience that only a great burger can provide.

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Easily Make Scented DIY Candles Without Wax In A Matter Of Minutes


Do you to light up your house with a candle without feeling like your head might explode or without flaring your allergies? Allergies to candles are not uncommon because of the things that are in them. Candles available today often contain toxic ingredients. Another problem with traditional candles is that they are made of wax and once the wax has melted, the candle is gone too. Fortunately, making DIY candles without wax at home can solve all of these problems. In fact, you can even make wax-free scented candles that will make your household atmosphere more relaxed and even romantic.

In order to make your own scented candles at home without using any wax, you will need:

= All-Vegetable Shortening
= Aromatherapy essential oils
= Crayons (only for coloring)
= Natural large candle wicks
= Mason jars or old candle holders
= Tacky glue

1. Prepare the wicks

You will have to cut the wicks so that they are of the proper, right size. Once they have been cut, they will have to be glued to the bottom of a candle holder or a mason jar using tacky glue. Either a single or multiple wicks can be used.

2. Melt the shortening

The shortening will have to be placed into a pot and the temperature should be somewhere between low and medium heat. It will have to be stirred as it melts and this should be done until it is completely liquefied, without no clumps present.

3. Add crayons for coloring (optional)

Once the shortening has been liquefied, a crayon of any desired color can be added to liquid shortening. Make sure only a small piece of crayon is dropped into the pot and only after the pot has been taken off the heat/stove.

Note: However, keep in mind that this is an option step and is not necessary, especially if you want your DIY home-made scented candles to be completely wax-free. Crayons contain wax and if you use them for coloring, your finished candles will also contain at least some amount of wax.

Of course, you can use oil-based coloring instead of wax-based coloring if you want to add a personal touch. For instance, oil-based candy coloring or any other form of coloring, which will be soluble in oil, can be used. Water soluble colorings should be avoided since clumps will develop in the liquefied vegetable shortening.

4. Add essential oils & stir till stiff

Regardless of whether crayons or any other form of coloring is added, the essential oils should be added next as you continue stirring the shortening. The coloring (if added) and the essential oils should be stirred to prevent them from separating. The liquid shortening should be stirred until it starts to get thicker and eventually solidifies, such that the candle wick is able to stand upright. Before the shortening hardens and solidifies completely, it should be poured into the candle holder.


Ultimately, any type of coloring, container and essential oils can be used. The bottom line is that this is a convenient and cost-effective way of making DIY candles without wax in barely any time. These candles will look gorgeous, depending on the coloring and container you use, they will be wax-free, and they will make your interior smell fragrant.

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Some of The Do-It-Yourself Crafts You can Practice With Your Kids


Doing arts is a great idea.Most importantly, it’s of great fun when done at home with your kids involved. There are many benefits of involving you children in DIY crafts that have been known since time immemorial.DIY crafts helps develop your kids creativity and important skills related to artistic expressions.This prepares your children to be problem solvers who are highly valued in the society. Such creative people have the ability to do things in a unique way, different from what other do.

In addition to encouraging creativity, introducing your children to creative arts is a wise move if you intend to see your kids develop bonds with other family members. Engaging your kids in DIY arts and crafts will also enable them to express themselves at tender ages and have fun as well.

To introduce your kids to creative arts, all you need to do is to set time when you and your kids are available and have fun. In doing so, you also need to figure out the kind of DIY arts that you would like to introduce to your kids. There are actually varieties of craft ideas for kids of all ages from pre-schoolers to teenage artists. Here are some DIY craft ideas that you can work with;

(i)Egg Painting

Egg painting is a practical DIY craft idea that you can introduce to your children. The materials you need are egg shells and coloring media that can be sourced easily. You can keep egg shells during your cooking. Avoid breaking the egg shell by just making a small opening on top of the egg while extracting the egg white and egg yolk. Keep as many egg shells as you can and allow your children to have fun in the painting experience, under your guidance. In your egg painting, you can use watercolor, poster color, color pencil crayon and acrylic, as your coloring media as long as your kid are comfortable with them.


Youngsters enjoy origami to a great extent. Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding where paper is folded into various shapes. Origami has been in existence for over a thousand years and still relevant today. Although youngsters are exposed to origami without knowing what is termed, they really enjoy it. Guide them on how to create paper airplanes, sail boats and cranes without any form of cutting or gluing paper together. Origami is the best craft that helps your children understand basic mathematics such as numbers, sequence, angle and shapes.

(iii)Paper mosaic Art

You can engage your children in making beautiful birthday cards, wrapping papers and invitation cards ,through paper mosaic art. You can guide them in decorating their lunch boxes cups bags and picture frames. With two to three pieces of colorful construction paper, drawing block, color pencil, water color, and PVA glue, you can commence your project.

(iv)Family scrapbooking 

Scrapbooking is another interesting DIY craft that you can enjoy doing with your children. Family trip themed scrapbooking is the easiest. This involves collection of all photos taken during a trip and gluing them on the A4 colorful construction paper. The photos are arranged in order and some descriptive words added around them. As the final touch, some interesting embellishment is pasted to make the scrapbooking design wonderful.

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