Top Secret Tips To Keep Your Man Thinking About You

When the man you love thinks about you more often than not, it shows that he actually cares about you and wants to keep you close to his mind and maybe even closer to his heart, and what woman wouldn’t want that? Now most women tend to think that doing everything the man wants, the way he wants it, will please him and keep him attached to them. Learn how to make a man think about you

Is This True.

On the contrary, this could not be further from the truth, in fact, this strategy fails miserably because the man loses interest pretty fast, since you have already given him everything you have to offer. Men like to be challenged and they like to keep unveiling new things about you all the time. You need to keep him wondering what you will do next, be a little bit of everything so that he does not completely figure you out to the point of being able to predict your every move. Really, if you think about it you can also agree this could get completely boring.

If you really want your man to think about you every hour of every day, below are some killer tips to help you out.

  • Be Mysterious.

In order to keep your man interested in you at all times throughout the relationship you need to be mysterious. Do not give everything about you away all at once; reveal little things about you from time to time keeping some to yourself, especially something you know he would be very much interested in. Of course, not the deep secret he would get offended about, but those interesting things that will keep you in his mind.

  • Be Interesting.

Please, try not to bore your man. You can be as fun and as adventurers as you want because men like spontaneity, a sense of humor, something out of the ordinary stuff. You can find out what he likes then initiate interesting activities to do together as well as interesting conversations that will keep him excited.

  • Be A Challenge.

You need to be and stay challenging. If you become too generous then trust me, you are slowly putting out your relationship flame, which needs to be burning at all times. Being a challenge means that he will want to conquer you and show you that he is a real man who deserves you, and for him to figure you out means that you will constantly dominate his mind.

  • Be Sexy, At All Times.

Men like to be with the women they fell in love with so do not get too comfortable and lose your sexy. If this has happened, please, you need to get it back, like ASAP. You must stay attractive for your man if you want him to think about you always, actually, make him want to brag about you to his friends, make him proud to be your man, yes, looks are important because he will want to show you off.

Men are visual animals and the thought of seeing you and wondering what you will look like when he sees you again will make him think about you, in a very exciting way. You can change your look every once in a while, like getting a new hairstyle just don’t stay the same too long.


If you try these tips, you can be sure that your man will go crazy about you, of course, Rome wasn’t like built in a day so, everything in due time.


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How to make easy scented floating candles

Good candle making tips and advice

Making scented floating candles is very easy when you have proper understanding about the making procedure. Keep all the required items ready for use that include wax, molds, wicks and scented oil. A bit of care is required while in the process of candle preparation. Especially the melting of wax, cooling procedure and mold selection require care in order to be successful in candle making.

Also these are quite different from the regular candles. These are very special as every candle floats on water while spreading its fragrance in the atmosphere. Floating candles are ideal for special occasions, wedding celebrations and parties.

Since you are making candles in a big quantity, you save a lot of money while enjoying the experience of candle making. If you run a business, this is more profitable as small molds make more candles and you can sell them at an affordable price. As you practice regularly, you will gain good experience to make perfect candles.

Items you need:

  1. Wax for candle making
  2. Wicks
  3. Small molds
  4. Fragrance and color
  5. Double boiler
  6. Sharp knife
  7. Spoons

Procedure for preparation:

  • – Add chunks of wax in the top of the double boiler. There should be sufficient water in the bottom pan.
  • – Under the sim, melt the wax carefully
  • – When wax is melting, arrange �, � of an inch wick to the height of candle mold
  • – As wax is melted, add fragrance and due. Mix nicely
  • – Pour the wax into the molds
  • – After wax is cooled, arrange wicks into the center of mold
  • – Press them firmly so that they touch the bottom of the candle

As you reach the melting point for wax in a double boiler at 185oF, remove the wax and allow it to cool. Now add dye of your choice and you can also add scented oil. This could be rose, vanilla, jasmine or any fragrance as per your preference. Then you can pour the melted wax into the molds slowly and make sure that wax is nearly to the edges of molds.

Molds are also available in different varieties and some of these are metal or colored. It takes one day for the wax to settle down in the molds and after they are nicely fixed, remove the candles from the molds and trim the wicks.

Scented candles float

The base of floating candles is smaller than their tops and it is the same as boat. There are many different shapes are coming and these are flowers, animals, hearts, tarts and many other.

How to arrange candles to flat

Take a bowl and place some pebbles or sand at the bottom. Pour water into the bowl up to three-fourth height of the bowl. Now place the candles and you see they start floating on the water. You can light the candles or invite your friends and family members to light each candle.

Never overcrowd the bowl with too many candles as there should be enough places for the candles to move nicely.


An overview of synthroid prescription drug

Many people often do not have information about the worst synthroid side effects and it’s uses of synthroid as a cure to a condition of hypothyroidism or any other medical problem. However, with information, you will always make an informed decision on whether you should use it or not. Here is a review of synthroid drug:

What is Synthroid?

Synthroid or simply levothyroxine is a replacement drug for a hormone usually produced by the thyroid gland in the body to regulate the energy levels and metabolism of the body. Levothyroxine or Synthroid is administered to people whose thyroid glands does not have the ability produce adequate hormone on its own. This can have effects on the body especially when carrying the normal operations of the body. However, you must consult a doctor before using Synthroid in case your thyroid glands has stopped functioning before beginning to use the drugs.

What are the uses of Synthroid?

The following are uses of Synthroid that you should know:

  • Synthroid is used to treat a medical condition called hypothyroidism or simply low thyroid hormone
  • Synthroid is used to prevent or treat goiter or enlarged thyroid gland that is caused by radiation treatment, hormone imbalances, cancer or surgery
  • It can also treat certain types of infertility that are caused by low levels of thyroid hormone.
  • Those people who have adequate thyroid hormone are always able to maintain normal mental ability and physical activity
  • It is important in children since it helps in physical development and normal mental health
  • Synthroid also helps in treating other kinds of thyroid disorders e.g. thyroid cancer


What are the side effects of Synthroid?

The following are the side effects:

The cases of side effects after using Synthroid is not common with the advancement in medical technology. However, you must make sure that you get emergency medical attention if you note any of these allergic reactions. They include difficult breathing, hives, swelling of your tongue, lips, throat or face.

It is important that you get help from a doctor after noticing the following side effects:

  • Hot flashes, fever, and sweating
  • Sleep problems commonly known as insomnia
  • Changes in the menstrual periods in women
  • fast or irregular heart rate
  • A mild hair loss
  • Vomiting, diarrhea, weight changes and appetite changes


How do you use Synthroid?

You need to make sure that you follow the guidelines of a doctor when using Synthroid. However, you must be able to consult them for medical help whenever you notice changes in your body.

What are the precautions to take when using Synthroid?

You must always take the following precautions:

Before taking Synthroid, tell your pharmacist or doctor if you have allergic reactions to it. It might contain inactive ingredients that can cause more allergic reactions to your body.

Before using it, you must disclose your medical history if you have increased thyroid hormones also called thyrotoxicosis, decrease in adrenal gland function, diabetes, any heart disease (like coronary artery disease, irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure.

In conclusion, the above review of Synthroid will always help you learn on how to use it to treat hypothyroidism or any other medical problem.

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How to Bead Like A Pro

Beads are one of the most diverse craft items you can find and use it to do all sorts of projects. Metal beads, especially add an interesting accent to any piece. Jewelry is not the only thing you can do with these fantastic supplies however. There are tons of projects that you can do as a family, for profit, or simply as an interesting pastime. Organize the beads by color, size, materials, cost and design, you can quickly assemble those you want to use on a project. If you do not have to dig around to see what materials you will make you more items, and have more fun doing it.

Simply select your beads and follow these simple steps as a guide on How to Bead Like A Pro.

1. Choose a material that is the right thickness for your beads.

Whether you choose leather, thread, elastic rope or even you want your beads to sit comfortably on it, and your finished piece to be strong, flexible and resistant to bending. There are charts available with suggested matches to help your endeavor into homemade jewelry easier.

2. Choose a material that is the right thickness for your beads.

There are several ways to do this from a simple knot to attach a crimp bead or tube at one end of your string essentially creating a plug to keep your beads. It is important to start with a string that is longer than your design will be at the finish if you have room to secure the beads on each end and add a clasp. Once you have prepared your string ready, you can layout your design on a sheet of beads to get an idea of what your finished design will look like.

3. String your bead design onto the stringing material.

This is the easy part and more fun to create homemade jewelry for yourself and your friends. Since you have chosen the correct thickness of the line for your beads, design should lie flat and not sag or bend during this process.

4. Add the second loop.

When you get to the last bead in your design, you will need to create a second cap and loop as you did at the other end. You should have excess string to do this if you have added extra inches to the length of your design. Just tie a knot or slide a crimp bead or tube on the rope and pull the string through and create. The method you use depends on stringing material you have chosen. Cut off the excess string and your homemade jewelry will be almost complete.

5. Complete your piece with clasps.

There are many clasps models and closures to make your piece a breeze to carry safely. Boxes, barrels, toggle clasps are the last piece of the puzzle beads and the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination or your wallet. Of course, you can always add some additional touches for a more professional look. From hiding crimps to elaborate knots you may want to know more about the creation of pearls and designer pieces that will last and be enjoyed for a lifetime. Just master these steps and start doing basic bangles and baubles today. You can learn more advanced techniques and bead secrets online.


Step By Step Guide On How To Make Black Candles

Black candles have been considered to be of great use when you intend to create a spine-tingling or a somber atmosphere. They are also ideal for you if you love basic, dark tones and flickering flames. They are used in holiday parties and haunted houses among other events usually held in the Halloween. Making black candles is an easy task because it does not require the utilization of a lot of raw materials and energy. They are mainly made using paraffin; wax additive and black pigment that makes the candles appear to be opaque. Moreover, you can make candles that are deep black in color by not using paraffin hence will lack the transparency feature. The raw materials that are used in the making of black candles include candle mold, paraffin wax, vybar, black pigment, candle wick, a metal pot and heat. Hence, here is a step by step guide on how to make black candles.

Step 1; Heat the metal pot and melt the wax

You are expected to melt the wax hence you first put the paraffin wax into your metal pot and then put the metal pot on the heat source. A slightly lower heat is advised when melting the wax to ensure that it melts evenly and gradually. You should also watch the melting process to ensure that the temperature is kept at a lower point as possible. You can use a candle thermometer to monitor the temperature. Paraffin wax has been proven to melt at temperatures between 130 and 180 degrees Celsius.

Step 2; Place the candle wick on the candle mold

The next step is to put the candle wick on the candle mold that has a hole in the bottom as well as you can keep it in a wick tab that will enable it to stand up. When the candle mold possesses a wick hole, then you are expected to put one end of the candle wick on the hole and then use a wick screw that is always provided with the candle mold. However, when the candle mold does not have a hole then you have to put the wick on the wick tab and then fold the top of the wick tab using a pair of pliers. You should also consider setting the wick tab on the candle mold`s center and then tie the upper part of the wick to make it flat so that you can be able to place it across the mold`s outer edge.

Step 3; Add the solid black pigment to the hot paraffin wax

The third step entails adding the black pigment to the hot wax on the metal pot. You should consider the amount of the black pigment that you will add to the hot wax. When you want a deepest black color, then you need to add more than the recommended amount of the pigment to the wax. Black is a good color because the addition of excess black pigment on the wax does not ruin the black color you want to get in your candles. You should also ensure that the black pigment melts thoroughly, and the black color is evenly distributed in your wax contents. You can also add some candle fragrances if you purchased some.

Step 4; Add vybar to the wax contents

At this point, you can add vybar into the wax contents. You should ensure that you mix a half teaspoonful of vybar to 1lb of the paraffin wax. The vybar will make your deep black colored candle opaque.

Step 5; pour the wax into the candle mold

When the candle fragrances and the black pigments have melted the wax, then you can add the wax mixture into the candle mold. Give the wax some few minutes to harden in the candle mold before trying to pull it out. You can test whether the wax has cooled by feeling the sides of the candle mold. When it is cooler, then you can remove your candle slowly, and you will have a good candle ready for use.